SONJA I. SMITH   Consultant, Reading Specialist

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Reading Specialist Services & Fees


I work with students of all ages and abilities to help develop and improve weak decoding (basic reading) skills.

I administer, score, and interpret educational diagnostic and achievement tests in order to target each student's specific areas of weakness in reading.

Fees vary depending on the services provided.  Payment of fees is expected at the time services are rendered.


One-to-One sessions are effective for most students, especially those who may have attention difficulties.  The fee for one-to-one tutoring is $65 per session.


Diagnostic testing services are recommended prior to beginning a tutoring program.  Testing reveals the student's specific areas of weakness that need to be addressed.  This helps to better design an effective treatment plan. 

Testing services are also offered independent of tutoring services.  This option is especially useful for those who wish to tutor their students on their own or who have made other arrangements, such as utilizing school-based support services.

Diagnostic testing fees vary depending on the type and the number of tests administered.  The general range of fees for testing is from $225 to $425.


Consulting services are provided according to the needs of the client.  Fees for consulting services are charged on a case-by-case basis.  An hourly fee or a flat fee per project may apply.